BNIBusiness Network International or BNI as it is most commonly know is a great source of generating referral leads for your business.

We’re in the midst of a recession and many people are looking to join business groups to try and drum up sales. But with all of the Internet’s business networking opportunities, are offline business networking organizations still needed?

The world’s largest business networking organization is the famous Business Network International (BNI). BNI groups are everywhere. Pick up a newspaper in any major city and you will find invitations to join these groups in your local community. Use a search engine with “your location” and “bni” as search terms and you will probably find one nearby.

The format consists of weekly breakfast meetings starting at 7 am and at 8.30 am. Each group is made up of one member of each trade or profession and the objective is for the members of the group to look out for business opportunities for each other and pass referrals.

If you go to any BNI breakfast meeting anywhere in the world you will experience the same format to every meeting and the running of the group. The successful groups are the ones that follow the system rigidly and in the spirit of Givers GainBNIs mantra.

You need to commit to understanding other people within the group and looking out for business opportunities for them. It takes time to understand another’s business and develop enough trust to be able to recommend with confidence which is why meeting regularly with other at their place of busienss is essential.

If you have a group full of committed business networkers following the system like at then BNI really works